Corporate Managers and Leaders - Are you Evolving?


There is a shift happening in the corporate world. More and more employees are demanding the ability to work remotely. It is predicted that most workers will be working remotely in some capacity in the next decade.

As the realm of remote workers expands, so does the need for skilled management to be able to step up and lead in this new environment. This is not just about online businesses or e-commerce anymore. This is for almost ALL business models.

This also means that business models will be evolving as well. Companies are going to have to figure out how to best leverage this new online environment to stay profitable. What we see today will not be the norm in 10 years.

Looking into the future I can see a huge need for today's business leaders and managers to step out of their comfort zones and start learning more about how to lead "virtual" teams (employee & contractors), what software applications are out there to help with this (Prj Mgmt tools, online meetings,...

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Loom where have you been all my life?


I want to share a free new video platform that I found. If you need to do screen shares, tutorial videos, talk to some clients and give them some how-to's, there is a free service out there called Loom Video -


I just found this service, I have been using a competitor of theirs, if you can call it a competitor, Jing video. And they had recently let us know that if no one watched a video within a 12 month period, they were deleting it off their service. The problem is their video format didn't convert to something that you could play in anything other than their own company's player. And so you're kind of held hostage. You either had to upgrade and pay for the service, which there's nothing wrong with that if you use video a lot, but when you don't, you don't really feel like paying, you know, even $5 a month, if you're never really using it.


I had to start looking for something else that was free and I discovered Loom. Here's the thing, Loom's been...

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