Loom where have you been all my life?


I want to share a free new video platform that I found. If you need to do screen shares, tutorial videos, talk to some clients and give them some how-to's, there is a free service out there called Loom Video - www.useloom.com.


I just found this service, I have been using a competitor of theirs, if you can call it a competitor, Jing video. And they had recently let us know that if no one watched a video within a 12 month period, they were deleting it off their service. The problem is their video format didn't convert to something that you could play in anything other than their own company's player. And so you're kind of held hostage. You either had to upgrade and pay for the service, which there's nothing wrong with that if you use video a lot, but when you don't, you don't really feel like paying, you know, even $5 a month, if you're never really using it.


I had to start looking for something else that was free and I discovered Loom. Here's the thing, Loom's been around for awhile. I didn't hear about it. I was so shocked! I belong to the OBM community, the private community for Certified OBMs, and because I wasn't looking, I didn't know about it and no one had shared it. So I shared a video about this to that private community and I felt like maybe I should share it with everyone.


If you ever need to do a screen share with your desktop or show a client how to do something, you can send them an email link to go watch the video on Loom. The videos store on the Loom servers and you can also download it. It's an MP4 format, so you can just store it on your own computer or upload it somewhere else.


There's no limit to the length of the video, so you're not stuck with only five minutes before the video ends. You can just keep recording. You could also share the videos privately or publicly, which is what I'm going to do with this one. That way other people, who aren't necessarily part of my other private videos, will be able to see this video. It is just fantastic for me!


Loom recently sent me an email announcing that they're doing a desktop version, which is going to be high definition. It's going to have probably, a bigger, it looks like a bigger, picture. So I'm just going to show you because I'm on this page. If you click on here, it looks like the video is going to go really big on the screen when you're doing a desktop version.


I think that's pretty cool and you're going to be able to draw. So we can write anything up here. Well, I'm not very good with that, not very good when it comes to drawing on a screen, that's for sure. If you look at this O-B-M, that's me.


There's also an audio thing that I don't want to play because we're recording a video and then they're going to be doing HD, high definition, for your desktop version. Right now I'm using a chrome browser extension to use Loom (and you can use it with Slack), but the desktop version is coming out very soon, so I just wanted to share that again. I wanted to make sure that everybody knows about this FREE service that's out there. I am floored (at how much I love this)!


You can also write notes under the video which, when someone goes to watch the video, there'll be a note section. I'll make sure to put something in there so you can see what I'm talking about. And you can have people write comments (back to you). You can have a whole conversation with a client if you were showing them a how-to video on how to do something. Then they could ask you a question or comment on it.


You could also give step-by-step instructions that are listed under the video as well. So it's like an all in one solution. If you do any kind of process documentation and you want to give a training video and then document the process, someone could read it.


I'm just over the moon excited about this program and I am so surprised that nobody told me about it before this. I just wanted to make sure that my community knows, those who are following me, that this service exists. Go get it! It's free. I love it.


Oh!!!!  I almost forgot. You can edit the videos as well. Right here (in the Loom Console when you click the original Loom video link below) and cut out the parts that you don't want in the beginning, middle, and end. It's simple and works great.


Take a look at the actual Loom Video Comment Section so you can see what I am talking about.


Can't wait for the Desktop Version to come out.


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