Transform Your Career and Your Life By Becoming A Certified OBM®

*Finally* Get Paid What You Are Worth With All of Your Operations, Project Management, and Administrative Expertise.

You may be wondering, what the heck is an Online Business Manager (OBM)?

An OBM is a virtual based senior-level professional who manages the day-to-day activities of online-based businesses, including the management of team members, operations, and projects.

You may have heard the terms, Digital COOs, Integrators, Virtual Partners, or Operations Managers. An Online Business Manager does these roles and sometimes more. 
In fact, the Certified OBM® training program was the first of its kind when it launched in 2009 and set the standard for which all others try to emulate. Certified OBM® graduates have been stepping up and serving online entrepreneurs in this capacity for more than a decade.

Online business owners are ready to hire NOW and are looking for a trusted professional who is ready to step in and OWN this role!  They don't have the time (or the patience) for someone who isn't 100% ready to serve at the highest level.

Attention Aspiring Online Business Manager

Maybe your life is like mine before I started. I wanted to work from home and be more present with my family. I knew I had the skills, abilities and training to run and grow a business. I wanted to work online to make that happen. 

Unfortunately, when I looked around it seemed like the only opportunities were to become a virtual assistant or a bookkeeper. That wasn’t really what I wanted. I started as a project manager and bookkeeper but found I wanted more. 

I wanted to run other people's businesses and help them grow. I wanted to help online entrepreneurs, specifically women who were changing the world with their message and business, but I didn't know how to get them as clients or how to convince them I knew how to help.

That’s when I heard about Tina Forsyth's book Becoming An Online Business Manager. The light bulb went off. "YES! This is who I am. This is how I want to serve my clients." I found my calling. I was over the moon delighted! 

These days more and more people just like you are interested in becoming an Online Business Manager. They want to do it but they feel they don't yet have the expertise and confidence to officially step into the role. 

But if you KNOW you are meant to work at this level, with some training and support, you can be confident and ready to work with these business owners that are ready to hire you. They aren’t just ready to hire you, they are desperate to hire you. 

That is exactly why I became a Certified OBM Trainer. So I can teach you and everyone else who has that desire in their hearts the tools, tips, resources, systems, mindset, and best practices that I've used in my business for almost a decade.

I want to help people step into the roles they were meant to fill, to have more time with their families, more flexibility and to leave the corporate world behind once and for all. I want to liberate people from cubicles and help them live and travel as they please or just stop missing all the important moments in their families’ life because they are stuck at work. 

Maybe you’re already working in the digital space and you’ve heard clients talking about how they need an Integrator or a Digital COO. That’s basically what a Certified OBM® is. An Online Business Manager is the hub of an organization, making sure everything happens as it should. If you’re thinking you might want to step into that role, this is exactly the training you need. 

It’s a pretty amazing career, but being a Certified OBM® is not for everyone. You need to understand going into this that The International Association of Online Business Managers does not certify everyone who takes the training. You need to work to pass the certification. 

This is not an automatic certification. You have to be able to show you understand the principles and concepts taught and that you can implement them for your clients. You will need to put your training into action by digging deeper into concepts and resources we share with you. This is not a multiple choice quiz, it is a hands-on demonstration that you know your stuff.

That being said...if you're accepted into the training program you'll know we believe you can do this. We don’t just take anyone who applies. We let people know if we think they aren't ready yet. But if we think NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU, we will definitely encourage you to join our Certified OBM® training and community.

Are you ready to become a Certified OBM®?

We find that people have a fairly strong reaction once they understand what the role of the Online Business Manager is. In fact, this is the goal of reading the book Becoming an Online Business Manager. We want people to have a strong feeling of either:

"Yes! I would love to become a Certified OBM®, bring it on!"


"No Thanks, this isn't for me so I'll pass."

You are ready to join the Certified OBM® Training if you:

  • have 3 - 5 years of relatable 'offline' experience (as an Ops Manager, EA, or otherwise), OR have one year experience as a virtual assistant or other online support professional.
  • have read or will commit to reading the book Becoming an Online Business Manager - so you can get the inside scoop and know if this is for you!
  • understand the foundational online business systems that clients use, including the shopping cart, autoresponder systems, etc (or are willing to take additional training to learn these systems.)
  • have a home-based office and are committed to the long-term success of your career of an Online Business Manager.
  • are able to dedicate the time necessary to do the entire training as outlined below
  • have a burning desire to perform at a higher level, are willing to do what it takes to upskill and upgrade your life and come with a heart for service.
Hell Yeah - This is me! Take me to the Application Already! >>

The Online Business Manager Training & Certification Program

An Online Training Intensive for Get-It-Done Professionals Who Want to Play at a Higher Level With Their Clients (and Be Paid Well for Doing So)

When you get certified with me you'll:

Stay Current

Stay on top of leading industry trends, resources, topics, and strategies with monthly community calls, access to IAOBM member exclusive additional trainings, workshops, events, and resources, and be part of an international community of like-minded and supportive members.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

When you help your clients create success, you will also be considered an expert in online business systems and your client's niche market... leading to new opportunities such as consulting, mentoring or training.

Work with a Select Few Clients

You get to choose to work with a small group of your ideal clients (usually no more than 3) vs. having to juggle the many-client-model that can be so exhausting.

Increase Your Earning Potential

By setting up a retainer, package, or incentive based payment structure you will stop the traditional and limiting 'time for money' model that most VAs and other online support professionals follow.

Find New Clients by Word of Mouth

Likewise, when you help your client's create success word gets around *very* quickly to the point where you will find yourself having to say 'sorry, my business is full' to the many business owners who will pop up asking for your help.

Enjoy Longer Term Client Relationships

The Online Business Manager role is integral to your client's business, and as such it has a very low turnover... which means you will rarely have to look for new clients.

Co-create with your Clients

As you get more experience in online strategies you will start creating new programs or products with your clients, and ultimately may have the opportunity to become a partner in the business itself.

Continuous Learning & Growth

The world of online business is constantly evolving, with new tools, strategies and ideas that seem to pop up every month. You’ll enjoy monthly coffee chats which are either a discussion on an industry topic or a mini-training to address current trends in the online business industry (like clients, tech, strategies, mindset, etc). You will also find some extra bonus training opportunities that will help set you up for success.

What exactly will you be learning in this program? Let's break it down...

The Certified OBM® Training is a comprehensive program broken out into 6 distinct modules that have been designed to give you the skills & confidence you need to thrive in this role

Plus... you will qualify to participate in Certification Week with the International Association of OBMs

Module 1

Building an Online Business – Models and Marketing

It’s fundamental – you simply cannot play a bigger role in your client’s business if you don’t truly understand what they are building and how. So, we lay that foundation in Module 1. During this module on you will learn:

  • the generosity-based platform that is the standard for most information-based businesses (authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, and other experts)
  • the 7 most popular business models for online businesses
  • an overview of internet marketing strategies, including social media, SEO, email marketing, blogging and much more
  • how others are doing it exactly, with case studies of real businesses that demonstrate the key strategies


Module 2

Becoming an OBM – Leadership

In our experience it’s not only about *what* you are doing – it’s also about *how* you do it. The Competencies are the leadership skills of being an Online Business Manager, with a focus on how to be proactive, responsible and truly “own” the role. These competencies are the foundation of all the work you do as an Online Business Manager and can truly make-or-break your success and enjoyment (and how happy your clients are with you!) During this module on you will learn about:

  • Leading Yourself – who you are being will always be more important and impacting then what you are doing. During this session we focus on how you step into the natural leader you were created to be based on your unique strengths and experiences.
  • Leading the Business – often we tell OBM’s you are not here solely to support your client but even more importantly to be an advocate of the business. What does this look like, well a sneak peak is: vision, goal setting, communication… etc…
  • Leading the Client – Often as the OBM we are experts in area of business and online business development and have to learn the art of leading our clients in the direction that is best for the business, even if it's not the most comfortable place for our clients.

Module 3

Project Planning and Launch Management

Well if there is a recurring theme in the day and life of an OBM it’s the ability to stay in that place of pro-activity. How do we do that? Through planning… plan for what we want, plan for what happens if we don’t get it and plan for everything in between! Specifically when it comes down to projects and marketing (launch) initiatives… there cannot be enough planning when it comes to these elements.

  1. Project Management– how to setup a simple project management plan that works for YOU and your client, including a comparison of the *many* project management tools available (so you can pick one that fits you best)
  2. Launch Management– find out the EXACT strategies top marketers are using to launch products and services for your clients.  This is an all inclusive training with worksheets, checklists, etc… An effective launch will often determine the success of revenue goals, we intent to ensure you have a clear picture to what that success looks like.  Specific launches we will cover:
    • Simple Launch – this is the most common launch folks do, generally can be planned within 4-6 weeks and works well for any click and buy options.
    • Big Kahuna launch – this launch really fits its name, it will likely take up to 6 months to plan and prepare for.  It will require multi moving pieces, could be JV/Affiliate, could be multi-speakers, could be a live event… etc…


Module 4

Automation and Operations Management

This module is the *meat* of the training, and quite honestly is worth its weight in ‘virtual’ gold! As an OBM you need to know the steps, elements and processes of various projects in order to ensure that they get done quickly and effectively.

  • Learn the Top 10 Business Systems and how to implement them into EVERY business you serve.
  • Find out the Top 10 Business Tools needed to build and grow an online business.
  • Get full access to a pre-populated SOP build out in the Teamwork Project Management tool. This particular tool is worth the investment in this program 
  • Learn how to use the SOP to readily manage a clients business.
  • Quarterly tasks and initiatives to be focused on
  • Monthly expectations
  • Weekly tasks
  • Daily todo’s
  • Essentially a behind the scenes this is how we get it done peak into business.
  • Checklists, spreadsheets, flowcharts, etc…

Module 5

Virtual Team Management

Learn the art of building strong sustainable teams WITH virtual contractors… yes, it requires purposeful navigation, but it is doable. You can build a team of experts and implementers that will not only be loyal but also committed to doing great work with you on the behalf of your clients.

All of the skills in the OBM Certification Training are must haves, but this particular skill will absolutely determine your success and your ability to build a scalable business around your vision.

  • “Do I have to have my own team?” this is one of the most asked questions I get. The answer is no, but in this module we will cover what it looks like to have your own team and what it looks like to lead your clients team (when you are not the one paying their invoices.)
  • Learn top strategies to working with virtual teams – core strategies will help you successfully build strong relationships with team members that allow you to lead them effectively
  • Dive in even deeper to what being a leader looks like as it pertains to being the type of person a team and team mates will follow.




Module 6

Building Your OBM Business

Now that you’ve got the skills it’s time to get clients, but of course! As an Online Business Manager it’s essential that you know how to find your ideal clients and the best way to connect with them so that they are chomping at the bit to hire you. During this module on you will learn about:

  • Your Ideal Client – how to know who is ready (or not ready) to hire an OBM and how to identify your ideal client based on your strengths.
  • Having the (sometimes dreaded) sales conversation – how to talk to potential clients so that they say a resounding “yes!” to hiring you.
  • OBM Compensation Options – it’s not just about being paid hourly, in fact we recommend an incentive-based payment structure that allows you to be paid more as the business grows.
  • Inner Game of Being an OBM – Being an Online Business Manager is not for the faint of heart. You need to have a strong sense of purpose, both for you and your clients, in order to make the role an enjoyable and mutually beneficial experience.
  • Managing Your Business – getting clear on what you want, what you offer and how you want to build your business are essential. As much as you are here to serve your clients, you are ultimately here to build a business that serves you first.

BONUS Module

Metrics & Measuring What Matters

Using numbers and data is one of the most effective ways to make INFORMED decisions when managing and scaling a business. This has been true in the offline world for many years, yet in the online business space, many businesses are still only measuring revenue and making a lot of decisions based on what they see others doing in their industry. We need to be making decisions based on data.  We need to be looking at RESULTS, CASHFLOW, and BUDGETING.

  • Learn about the importance of owning results for the business as the OBM.
  • Learn the OBM Touchpoints to focus on daily, weekly, monthly, etc. These are the standardized things that a Certified OBM® needs to be doing when leading a business.
  • Learn the flow of tracking metrics and which ones are essential to an online business.
  • Walk-through of the metrics tracking template including the most common metrics to track.
  • Learn to review the data and reporting it to the client.
  • Using the Money Game template to forecast revenue goals and products (great for setting the budget).
  • Learn to track cashflow in a simple spreadsheet so the business can look FORWARD, even if our client doesn’t get monthly reports from their bookkeeper/accountant.


Certification Week

Apply through the International Association of Online Business Managers

Open exclusively to participants in this Training, you will have the opportunity to participate in the OBM Certification Week and apply to become a Certified Online Business Manager™.

Upon successful completion of the Certification process (as evaluated by the Certification Committee)

  • You will be awarded the credential of Certified Online Business Manager™
  • Join the ranks of select few in our industry. Certification is a process of being able to demonstrate, in real-life situations, that you have the knowledge, expertise and fortitude required to excel as an Online Business Manager.
  • During Certification Week you will get the chance to apply everything you’ve been learning by working as an Online Business Manager in a series of business scenarios that we get direct from the business owners themselves. We don’t want to give away too much yet, but rest assured that it will be a challenging, busy and at times crazy week. In the same way that you might decide to train for a marathon, the first 6 modules are your ‘training plan’ so that you are ready to run the big race that is Certification Week.


Online Business Manager Certification Training Virtual Intensive

The program is delivered virtually (via online video training), in an intimate and intensive 90-day format, led by Keldie Jamieson, Certified OBM Trainer® and Founder of the OBM Leadership Academy™.

This includes:

7 Content Modulesbreaking down the Online Business Manager Certification. Plus LIVE support while attending Certification Week with the International Association of Online Business Managers™. (I'll be with you during Prep Week!)

OBM Membership Area, which includes the video lessons, transcripts, worksheets, flowcharts, and supplemental materials for all modules.

7 LIVE Q+A sessions Check-ins and online support during the full 90-days…. loaded with insights, where Keldie will be available to answer your questions and support you on your OBM journey.

Access to the Private Facebook Training Group, where you can connect with awesome VAs & OBMs ramping up their business to the next level like you. This virtual group will give you answers, suggestions, and a round of applause when you need it.

Plus These Bonuses

1) The Compensation Conversation: Breaking Free From The Time For Money Trap mini-course.

This includes a 170 page Workbook containing step-by-step Conversation Templates, 3 training recordings to help you create incentive-based compensation agreements with your clients, and 8 interviews with real-life business owners sharing their perspective on incentive-based-compensation - essential for any Online Business Manager! (value $297)

2) Teamwork Project Management Templates

At the end of the training you will receive access to the Certified OBM® Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Teamwork PM Task List and Task templates. There are over 150 tasks already set up for you to use with your clients as a startup template. Note: you may not give this away or sell it as a separate product - it is for your use WITH your OBM clients only. (value $497 - I think priceless really)

3) Access to the Online Biz Accelerator 6-Week Masterclass Series & Mentorship

Where you learn about setting up the foundations of your biz pricing & packaging, building your dream team, and so much more. PLUS we've added 6 coaching and mentorship calls over 90 days so you can ask questions about the training or basically anything to do with building your business.  (Value $297) 

4) 90-Minute 1-on-1 Get Momentum Session with Keldie Jamieson

You can use this coaching session anytime you like during the training program, but I recommend you save it for a strategy session to plan out your next best steps after certification and you're ready to start working with clients. (value $497)

5) International Association of Online Business Managers Certification Fee

We've covered the certification week fees for you which also includes your first year's annual fee to the International Association of OBMs. This community is one of the best reasons to become a Certified OBM®. You will find support, resources, monthly "coffee chats" which are like group mini-training sessions. Plus the members in our community just plain ROCK!  (value $297)

Total Program Valued at Over $5800.00

Your Investment is $3997

When you've completed the OBM Training Program you'll be able to:

  • Handle the day-to-day management of the business - freeing your clients from the burden of all the details (they are going to be so relieved!)
  • Manage projects from start to finish (even those dusty old projects that may have been sitting on the shelf for months or even years!)
  • Build and manage virtual teams that work in all areas of the business, taking away one of the biggest challenges business owners have.
  • Create and streamline systems, processes and recommend which tools make the most sense for your client based on their individual needs. 
  • Keep your clients up to date on all the numbers in their business so they know what results they are achieving, and what’s really going on. Armed with the right information, they can make better choices. You'd be surprised how many business owners have no idea about their own numbers!
  • Manage and implement new revenue streams, taking the business owners ideas and expertise and packaging them to be ready for sale (which is the CORE of any online business!)
  • Make decisions on the clients behalf, taking care of the things they shouldn’t have to worry about anymore (and get them to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on the big picture.)
  • Handle issues when they arise, everything from struggles within the team to technology challenges (keeping interruption to the business activities to a minimum.)
  • Be the calm in the eye of the storm, when things are super busy and it seems like everything is up in the air, you are the one that keeps it all together (you’re the 'glue' that holds everyone together!)
  • Drive income, create value, and help build a thriving business that can reach its full potential

So many businesses are moving online and going digital. The online businesses space is expanding rapidly.  Many online based business owners find themselves “exhausted and overwhelmed.” They just can’t do it all themselves anymore. They desperately need someone to help them grow and manage their business.

Do you have what it takes?

Are you ready to dive head first into the Certified OBM® training?

Fill out our application today and book a call to discuss the in’s and out’s of the training & certification process in more detail, whether the training is truly the right fit for you and your goals, more about the International Association of OBMs and the benefits you get from joining our community, and how you can design a business & lifestyle you love, have more impact on your clients’ success, and bring in a steady and lucrative revenue.

Fill Out Application

Do you still have questions?

Fill out our application anyway, and come to the information call with all of your outstanding questions.

We are here to ensure that you get as much information as you need to make a decision. These information calls are zero-pressure, and no-obligation. So rest assured that you will walk away feeling good about any decision you make.

Apply & Book a Call to Chat

"In 2019, I made the decision to transition from my 20+ year career in corporate to an entrepreneurial role. I wanted to leverage the skills I honed over the years to start my own business supporting online entrepreneurs. After searching the web to see how this would be possible, I was fortunate to find the OBM Leadership Academy, founded by Keldie Jamieson. After a brief Zoom chat with Keldie, I was convinced that being an Online Business Manager was the right move for me. I immediately signed up for the training and subsequently passed my certification with flying colors. In fact, I was able to secure a full-time client before I even graduated! Keldie's training provided a very comprehensive overview of how an online business operates and how OBMs can best serve our clients. Keldie also used many real world examples during the training to help illustrate various scenarios we could potentially encounter in the future as an OBM. In addition to the thorough training, I really appreciated all the extra support Keldie willingly offered to her students. Aside from being a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, Keldie demonstrated her commitment to our success by hosting several live Q&A calls and made herself available for questions and support, well after graduation. If you are considering a career shift or are ready to make the plunge, I highly recommend training with Keldie through her OBM Leadership Academy. This experience opened up unlimited possibilities for me to create a career where I can work remotely, make my own hours, choose my clients and set my own rates. I very grateful to Keldie for this life changing opportunity! "

-Aimee Accinno
Founder & Certified OBM®, A Better World OBM

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